The Day I Lost You

July 18, 2010
By ForeverFaith PLATINUM, Dansville, New York
ForeverFaith PLATINUM, Dansville, New York
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I had just woke up, it was 8. This was early for me, but i had this nagging feeling that i needed to be awake. I rub my eyes and sit down at my computer and put on some music. I couldn't help but feel that something as terribly wrong but i just put it off as just me being on edge because i was home alone. My brother was at his girlfriends house who lived across the road from Faith and my parents were at work. Deep down i think i knew it was much more than that. My best friend Faith had gone on a trip to masachessets and was due to be home that day. Just like i expected my grandma showed up to check on me. There was something off about her facial expression. I looked at her and she walked up to me and said "can i give you a hug?" I usually would have a smart remark but it didn't feel apropriate at that time so i just nodded yes. She comes up to me and embraces me so tight, not like usual. I knew it something happened. My mind started to race, did her cat die? Was it my brother?! I she looks at me with tears in her eyes, she never crys soemthing is defiantly wrong. "Jordan, your friend Faith and her mom were in a bad car accident on her way home and they passed away." I ripped my self away from her "Are you serious!?! Your lying!!" i screamed. Then a thoguht came into my mind, her little brother went on the trip with them. I looked at her with no hope in my eyes i ask :what about Prince?" She takes a deep breath and says "I don't know" My next question was "How did you find out?" It turns out my brother's girlfriend was on their emergency contact list and he told my grandmma right away so she could be with me. Tears were pouring out of me. I knew that me and faith's mutual friend Kattianne didn't know yet so i slammed open the drawr with the phone books, whipped one out and frantically dialed her number. I didn't expect her to answer but she did. "kattianne, i have to tell you something, im so sorry" I could bairly get the words out. "There was an accident and Faith and he mom died" She burst into tears. I quickly put clothes on and annouced that i was going to go and be with Kattianne, i knew she needed me. As soon as i got there a whole group of people were at her house and we all hugged for 10 minutes straight. After that we went down to the police station to see what w ecould find out about her brother Prince. We found out that he is okay and in the hospital. It was final she's gone. We didn't know what to do with ourselves and at that point i didn't care. We walked around town and shared some awesome memories of Faith. The hardest part was looking her father in the face, there was so much pain in his eyes. He said he felt so blessed that Prince was saved. He had lost his ex-wife, daughter and dog in that crash and i had lost an amazing friend. They will never be forgotten.

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this is the day i found out my best friend died

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