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July 15, 2010
By Kiynteyh BRONZE, Citynamehere, Tennessee
Kiynteyh BRONZE, Citynamehere, Tennessee
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"If you believe in something with all your heart, it can become real even if it is not physically there." - Courgetaru Leaono

I stared out into the gently rolling hills before me, afraid to take that final step past the tree line and enter the field for the first time. It was calling to me, and I knew it. It had always called to me for as long as we had lived here, but not once had I dared step foot there. It seemed so... forbidden, as if something I was not meant to see was waiting for me there. But today was different. I was closer than I had ever been before, so close that I could feel it pulling me in. Every fiber of my being was electrified with the energy that beckoned me forward.
I swallowed hard and held my breath. Finally giving in, I made a move to step forward, though half expecting to be stopped dead in my stride by some unseen force field. The air gave way to me, however, and I had done it.
<i>I was there...</i>
I took a few more cautious steps, staring wide-eyed into the distance and watching the shadows play across the hills. The cool, autumn breeze blew gently across the grass, whispering to me as I edged further from the safety of the tree line that separated the graveyard from this eerie, sacred place. I continued taking small steps, several seconds between each, for I was still unsure and afraid. It wasn't until something jumped from the grass in front of me that I stopped altogether. My heart seemed to stop, too, until I realized what it was that moved.
A cricket.
I smiled to myself. I'm not a very superstitious person, but crickets are supposed to be lucky, and I took it as a good sign. The smile lingered on my lips as I continued walking, faster now. Before I knew it, I broke into a run and didn't stop until I reached the top of one of the small hills that seemed to overlook the rest of the field. As I stopped, another cricket made its appearance, and I smiled yet again.
I stood there for a long time after that, taking in the beautiful view and feeling the energy of this strange place swarm around me. Patiently, I waited...
Waited.. for you.
<i>Talk to me,</i> I eventually heard myself declare in the back of my mind.
I continued to wait, still unsure what exactly I was waiting for.
<i>Talk to me, please,</i> the voice in my mind pleaded again.
And still there was nothing.
I began to feel overwhelmed with emotion, and the uncontrollable urge to scream my silent plea out into the hills before me. However, I did not.
I knew, even if you were not here, I was not alone. I had not come alone after all, my companion had just chosen to wander among the gravestones as I made my journey beyond them. The last thing I needed was for her to think I really had lost my sanity, so I remained silent still, crying out to you only in the confines of my own mind.
And waiting...
Always waiting.
But then, suddenly, my plea was answered.
Not verbally. No, far from verbally, but you gave me a sign, and for me, that was enough.
Merely seconds after calling out to you, the shadows that played among the hills vanished without a trace as the field was bathed completely in golden sunlight.
I wanted to run further then, run and be free of everything, to let the glorious light take me away from the hell that waited for me just beyond the graves.
Again, however, I stood my ground once more, knowing that my only reason not to run was waiting for me still, walking alone along the tree line, waiting for me to return.
As if hearing my thoughts, the shadows returned to play. It was at that moment I turned away, letting my gaze fall upon the beautiful figure walking slowly among the graves and fallen leaves much farther from where I stood now. I had walked farther away than I realized.
Seeing my eyes on her, she began crossing the distance between us, the sunlight shimmering across her crimson hair that put even the beautiful, red leaves of autumn to shame. We gave a short exchange of words when she reached where I stood, but both of us were too consumed with our own thoughts to pay the conversation any mind. She stayed with me for only a brief moment before turning to walk back towards the cemetery. Reluctant to leave, I swept my gaze over the waves of green and gold that lay before me wistfully, lingering briefly before turning to follow after her. I walked back slowly, but not nearly as slow as when I first entered this sanctuary. The light breeze kicked up again just as I reached the tree line, and I smiled slightly. It was as if it was bidding me farewell.
Farewell but not goodbye, for we both knew I would return to this place again.


The author's comments:
A story about a personal experience.

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