Forbidden Screams

July 15, 2010
By NatalieD. GOLD, Orlando, Florida
NatalieD. GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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For hours I've tossed and turned sleeping with the sun. Because I fell asleep, I woke to screams and the image of a gun. Fear of your safety shot bullets through my eyes, and I realized I was farther than I know. My eyesight was a blur, expect for the image I saw in the darkness, racing in the back of my eyelids. But the reality was that my back was facing your view and my arms ran away with the brown fog that consumed me. I was so clueless, so far away from you...I'm sorry.

And then you screamed.

I ran to the voice of your terror, trying to get a clear view of you. The words of the news were jammed into my head. A vision of happenings move moderately in front of my eyes. I hope I'm running in the right direction. Angels must have been around, dodging bullets and potential physical pain. You were alive. Death couldn't defeat you and I never even got to you in time. Your scream woke the dead in me when I slept that very night. Moving through my blood and disturbing my nerves. That dream shook the heart in me and woke me from behind.

Your scream become a memory, it's comes and goes like the wind. When you call from your death bed I'd hear you a mile away. When you scream with your fear I'd run unconsciously trying to take your pain.

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