July 12, 2010
By Anonymous

If only everyone could see this. See this nothingness that they seem to stress over so much. If only they could realize that this school they attend is a mere speck on the face of the planet. Why they make it their world, I'll never understand. They strive to be 'perfect' and struggle to impress everyone, each day. Each wasted day. These insignificant events of their daily lives ultimately are nothing. Nothing. And yet they live for them, and them alone. They live for nothing. They create themselves to be soulless, lifeless, mentally immobile specks. From such a close perspective, they have it all together. They are really 'going places' and are 'all that'. But from a distance, from the perspective of the Big Scheme of Things, they stay still and mean nothing. They are hopelessly lost in a sea of ignorance.

What is the most sorrowful of all is when they don't even feel a thing. They are too numb to even feel an emptiness. When they themselves fall into the lie of feeling complete, when they make themselves believe they are content, is when they are lost beyond measure. To those with hope, who know of their lacking of satisfaction, wake up. You can have Life and mean something. Look beyond your world of emptiness and seek insight and understanding. Go. Go out across all the places of the Earth, for you actually know of their existence. Most importantly, never stop looking further than where you already are.

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