July 12, 2010
By Anonymous

So ignorantly distant. The stars shine in their own space. These stars shine all the time, keeping a consistent glow from the outside. Radiant, beautiful. But no. Deep at the core there is nothing, they contain no substance. They are hollow.

The star is the center of everything. It lives in its own world where everything revolves solely around itself. However, its when a greater image is revealed that you realize the perspective of things and it becomes clear that they are almost nothing in the universe. They are a mere particle of light, trying to shine but drowning in the midst of all the rest.

And in fact, though they always shine, you never really see them until they are in the dark. It is in the darkest of areas, the darkest of circumstances that a star seems brightest. It is only in the midst of darkness that a star can actually be seen as what it individually is.

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