June 14, 2010
By dontstop GOLD, Vriginville, Pennsylvania
dontstop GOLD, Vriginville, Pennsylvania
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"You only get one chance to live your live do not mess it up"
"Ah Teen love, full of hope and happiness, but ignorant of reality"

I know that tomorrow my dad will sigh and ask me why I must give him grief on everything he asks? I look out the window and years to come I’ll forget the time I gazed out the window while it was raining and the drip drop drap of tap of the rain pattering on the window. Butterflies wishes kisses in the warm spring sun, knowing what tomorrow will bring.. Sweet lemonade in the afternoon going to the pool wondering what goes through the heads of the girls and boys who see me. at the pool during school everyone does know at the pool the girls joke and laugh not knowing that if their hair is perfect or make-up is fine or how many boys they kissed that those things wouldn’t matter in the future but maybe it will to them, I know will know that my mom loves me maybe not now or maybe not tomorrow but maybe someday I will I’m just a girl who is shy and calm and needs love in my life.

I know that 2012 the world will not end and me and, sometimes I dream im perfect and everyone loves me I am a perfect daughter gf and friend but that fantasy is snapped gone like the wind gone like my love for my 4th grade crush so many many years before I realized.

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