June 9, 2010
By Liebe_3 BRONZE, Bedford, Massachusetts
Liebe_3 BRONZE, Bedford, Massachusetts
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Eyes. The window to the soul. The door to the heart. My friends all have different eyes. I see different things in them. They see different things in me.
Anne. She has pale blue eyes. Blue. Blue like the sky. The sky is big, everlasting. It is a blanket over our heads. Clear sunny days bring peace to your mind – but sometimes it rains. Seems like she’s been there forever. My best friend, just there. Standing by me forever. Just there. We’re together so much some people get us confused. Hate that. We really hate that that’s how it is. But it cannot be avoided, we know. Together forever that’s how we’ll be. There. Just there. There for each other. Her and me.
Barb. Her eyes are always changing. Sometimes they are like silver. Cold, hard, slippery. But usually they are green. Green means go. Green means good. Green is vibrant, green is fun. Green is the trees – life. Sometimes she’s a close friend of mine. Sometimes she’s not. She comes and she goes as she pleases. No one understands…I cannot understand. But when she’s there I forget about how she leaves. When she’s there I feel like everything is all right. Fun. We just have fun. Fun all night.
Tom. His eyes are big and brown. I’ve never seen someone’s eyes so open as when they are looking at me. Brown is a deep color. Brown like the fur on my favorite teddy bear. Brown is chocolate. Brown is the earth between my toes. Everything that is comforting, everything that is solid. I find those things in him. A shoulder to lean on. A place to rest my head. To dream and escape. He’s like a stuffed animal is to a little kid in a store. You’ve only just laid eyes on it for the first time, but you’ve already bonded. You already need it. I know that I’m young and naïve. But it’s all that I know. I can’t see it any other way.
I wonder what their eyes see in me. Eyes can show, but they cannot speak. The color, the sparkle, the mystery – they captivate me. But my eyes, they cannot hear. Their eyes, they cannot say. I wonder what they see in me. I have grown so fond of the colors. I’ve become so vulnerable. Don’t hurt me now. Oh please, don’t hurt me.

The author's comments:
This is a vignette about my relationships to other people. I hope it is relatable for other teens.

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