Family Feud

July 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Tired of liars?
Me to, well this is how it starts. My mom finally decied to give my aunt another chance from what she messed up on before. So we move across country to TX. Well my cousin Amber starts fighting with her boyfriend and he breaks her nose while she is holding their 6 month old child. Then he beats up her brother. He goes to jail. Well my cousin goes to the ER n the pescribe her pain pills. she leaves her purse out and blames my mom for it.

Well after that fight happens Amber deciede to ransack our stuff and acts like she is in the right for doing that. Well she gets in my moms face and is yelling " WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!!!!!" so my mom pushes her then punches start flying. well Amber's mom thiought that she could take my mom. WRONG! My mom had her pinned on the couch beatin her face in so she bites and scraches. After Amber gets her butt beat she starts asking for round two with back up of course. It did not happen look at my mom no marks except were she got bit. amber has a black eye, busted lip, loose teeth that are bleeding, and so much more, and is asking for more. After all of this happens we go back to WV, just to get lied on more. If any of you are wondering Amber IS NOT A MINOR!

The author's comments:
my mom and cousin

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