10 Random Memories from High School

July 4, 2010
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The day I cried when the newly stuck toilet
tiles broke on my head.
The Annual Day night when I was playacting
Julius Caesar and a guy from the audience asked my mom (who is a teacher) which class that boy was in, pointing at me.
The day I confidently told my history teacher that
the supplementary book for history sucked and found out that she was its writer.
The day I felt jittery and nauseous finding my
name written on a wall outside our classroom by a
The day I felt victorious when I beat a boy at
badminton which we played sans rules.
The day I wanted to bury myself when I couldn’t
catch the chalk that my classmate threw for me and I found it stuck in my thick ponytail.
The day I was punished by our principal for
running errands for a teacher during class hours.
The day I puked all over my best friend when I got
The day I was caught reading a novel underneath
my English textbook.
10. The day my friends and I secretly ate samosas(an Indian snack) in

our economics class as a dare and catching us red

handed, our teacher insisted that we finish it fully

right in front of her.

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