July 1, 2010
By Anonymous

"Yap, call me what you want. I am going, get used to the idea." This was my before-hand statement. "Yes it was very safe, no i am not hungry, and yes it was a very long plane ride. Please leave me alone." That was my after-hand statement. And so in your mind that can only hold such a limited capasity, I shall tell you that I a 13-year-old-girl have travled to the Middle East(specificly Israel) without my parents. Now don't let your eyes get all wide like, cuz I was with 10 other kiddos my age, and I was also with 4 adults; who all work or worked at the school I go to, so I knew all of them. Ya so there we were in Israel, fresh veterens of 15 hours of flying; quite jet-lagged and run down actualy, but exited. I mean like we couldn't wait to get to the HLH(Holy Land Hotel, I call that a pretty exelent name if you ask me)we COULDN'T WAIT to get to the HLH and shower, and sleep, and sleep, and sle.... Nevermind. Oh, that reminds me. Most of the time we called Israel Palestine so it was practicly Palestine to us. Anyway, I found out what IBM stands for, kind of I know what it means in Aribic. It means, God willing Tomorrow Nevermind. That was the big quote on this entire trip, other than "my bedroom's full" which someone we dont know said to try and express that they couldn't eat any more food. Now just remember that any one who reads this is Habeebee, my friend. Hopefully.

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