Im Still Standing

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

You promised forever but took it back.
Leaving me in the dark a cloud above my head and no one to tell me
I didn't deserve it.
You promised me a world with you in it. I look around but baby you let me down. You never understood how much you meant to me. So this poem is for you. Your cold heart and baby blues. Baby dont you see your love killed me. You built me up and broke me down. The rain begins to pour down. You promised me forever then took it back...with just one slap. The tears fell and the sand stung...i Still stand.. You would leave me like the empty clouds no sun now even the rain could accompany my misory... You promised me a world with you in it. Baby i look around and im the only one in it. So take these broken pieces and your empty promises. Baby please dont break me.
You promised me forever the took it back. Leaving me with a broken soul. Dont worry baby i wont cry. Dont bother baby youll always be the guy...that had the stones to beat me. But i look up and i see the cant you see i still stand... I rise from the ground and baby i promise one day i will take you down...Baby cant you see i wont let you hurt me. So take your world these pieces and your empty promises because baby IM STILL STANDING!!!!!

The author's comments:
"This isn's about me....but it is about a friend of mine and she didnt have anyone to show her it wasnt ok for her boyfriend to beat her..until he went to far.."

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