Freedom is a Privilege

June 1, 2010
I cavort all over my yard. The freedom I have yet to learn of is all around me. The trees loom over me, like a mother watching her child, the wind whispers in my ear, happy thoughts. Slowly, my mind turns dark, I think of prison bars with faces behind them. Those people didn’t obey their mommies, daddies and God. My little girl mind can’t comprehend what it is like.
Now, older, wiser, I think of those people who didn’t obey their mommies, daddies, and God. Those people didn’t use their freedom in the way we should. They didn’t come to think that this thing we call “freedom” is a privilege. Once you give it away to crime or living a wrong life, you can’t buy it back. It’s the best privilege we can have, so why do others toss it in the trash can? The challenge is do right or wrong and knowing if your freedom privilege is at stake.

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JWorr said...
Jul. 28, 2016 at 8:45 am
Very Interesting comment. I have also deeply reflected on notion of Freedom being a Privilege. While I do not disagree with your comments, I feel you could one day develop this Notion of "Freedom", by learning your History, understanding how "freedom"----the ability to Move / travel / settle, to have choice and options, having productivity in life, is also a very RACIALIZED construct. Understand that some people because they seemingly do not "belong" to a particular or dominant racial groups,... (more »)
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