A day with my friends

June 4, 2010
By amberlyaltadonna BRONZE, Menifee, California
amberlyaltadonna BRONZE, Menifee, California
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Once my friend and I went to our friends Kimberlee and Wyatt’s house, the car ride there was silent because my mom was frustrated and was making the situation awkward. Once we arrived at Kimberlee and Wyatts house, Wyatt came out and started talking right away to Josie.

Josie, chattering her teeth I the cold said, “Hey Wyatt, do you have an extra hoodie?”
Wyatt apologized, “No, I don’t, sorry”.
I saw her head drop in disappointment.
I went inside of the house to talk to Kimberlee, Wyatt’s sister, as Josie and Wyatt continued there conversation. Kimberlee was just about finished picking up her things when I decided to walk back outside to see Wyatt and Josie still conversing.
As I was walking out Josie looked at my jacket. I automatically looked away and exclaimed, “No!”
Her expression grew weak in disappointment. She quickly turned to look at Wyatt, trying to hold herself back from shaking “Wyatt, do you think I could wear your sweater?”
I stared at the two of them standing watching this scene unfold, I thought to myself, “Why? Why would Josie get herself into this pathetic situation? Why would she force Wyatt into someone he is not?”
Wyatt’s body twitched as he looked Josie straight in the eye. All of the sudden he says, “Why? I’ve got room in here in my hoodie.”
For a good 30 seconds there was this awkward silence, then, laughter, lots of it! We had realized what Wyatt had just done. He had pulled a pick-up line on Josie! I shook my head. I was disappointed in Wyatt’s smirk.

Afterwards, everyone got in my car and drove to WinCo to meet Nicki, Kimberlee and Wyatts stepmom, so she could drive us to her new house.
Along the way, we stopped at a store. I found out later that we were there to pick-up Keith, Wyatt and Kimberlee’s dad. We all waited in the car silently.

Nicki, suddenly, turned on the radio. “This is my jam!” Josie yells out.
We all started laughing in clear confusion. Without warning Josie jumped out of the car and starts doing the “reject” in the middle of the street.
I pointed out Keith was coming and everyone got in the car. Kimberlee whispered to me that he was in a private meeting and not to ask about it.

Once Keith got in the car we went directly to Keith and Nickis new house.
We finally arrived at Keith’s house. We started playing the Wii, but since Keith is always in a bad mood and wanted to make us angry, he began to laugh at us for no reason. We grew more angry and annoyed with his constant heckling. We turned off the Wii, and decided to go on the computer.
Once we got online, we saw some markers on the table. Unexpectedly Josie grabbed a marker and drew glasses on her face; she hates not wearing her glasses. From that moment, everything went wrong.
Wyatt and I decided to ignore the obnoxious marker on Josie’s face. Instead Wyatt and I were on myspace talking to some girl I think he liked. In the meantime, I had a great idea planned out in my mind- I was going to force Wyatt to ask her out.
Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried it didn’t work out the way I wanted. At that point, I grabbed the laptop, ran off, and locked myself in the room where or stuff was. Then, I sat by myself and asked the girl out for him of course she said yes.
After I came back out, Wyatt was staring with a “what did you do?” kind of look on his face.
“You have a date,” I said as I placed the laptop down.
“What did you do?”
Wyatt took one step toward me, and I bolted to the kitchen. He caught me and we began wrestling in the kitchen. No matter what he did to me I didn’t want him to tell her he was just kidding. Wyatt unfortunately won our little wrestling match and forced me to cancel the date.
After me and Wyatt were done arguing I realized we hadn’t seen Kimberlee in a while so, I walked into the living room and she was passed out on the couch. Keith and Nicki already went to be.
Later, I decided to go back to Josie’s original idea, and I grabbed some of the markers and drew all over Wyatt. His head was like a beautiful rainbow after a long rain.
Later on that night, we grew tired and fell asleep. The morning after, we woke up and saw how ridiculous we looked, so we washed off the entire marker.
We had lots of fun, and since Kimberlee and Wyatt go to different schools then us, we barely ever get to see them. It was nice to spend time with them for once.

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