my amazing trip to didneyland

June 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Early in the morning, we got up around 5:30 in the morning and left to Disneyland. My cousins tried to wake me up, but I would just refuse. Every time they tried to wake me up I shrieked.

“Wake up already,” my cousin, Yvette rocked me back and forth. I just laid there, so, they decided to pick me up and put me in the car. All I had on where blue dickies shorts and a white tee shirt. They didn’t even bother getting me clothes. When I finally woke up I was kind of freaked out waking up in the car because I forgot where I was.
“Where am I?” I looked around, still half sleep.
“In the car one the way to Disneyland,” my cousins boyfriend replied.
“Oh yeah,” how could I’ve forgotten.

I decided to stay up for the rest of the trip, but, eventually, I got tired again and fell asleep. The only person who stayed up was my aunt, who was driving. Later that morning, arriving at Disneyland, once we got to the entrance we had had to wait a really long time to get our tickets. After that we had to wait even longer to get trough the metal detectors – the wait felt like a life time.
“I am so tired of waiting,” I exclaimed. I was so tired that it felt like my legs were going to jump of and fun to relax.
“We should’ve come earlier,” my cousin Yvette cried out.
“I know, huh,” I agreed.
We waited a little longer, and it was our turn to go in. All of a sudden, my cousin remembered she left her purse in the in car. We couldn’t believe it, so we just decided to go inside and wait for her. She had to wait in the endless line that felt like there were a million people in it. She was almost to the front when a person or two in front of her stepped up to the detector and it beeped. My cousins and I started to get very irritated and impatient.
“OMG! I want to go in already,” I screamed furiously.
So after that we finally started walking towards Main Street, while my other cousin was sprinting toward us.
“I’m so sorry that I made you guys wait,” she wept.
So, we all agreed that we should go on Space Mountain. Once in line, we waited about 45 minutes to an hour. I’ve never been on that ride, so I didn’t know what to expect.
“Is this ride even fun?”
“Of course, Joey,” my cousin explained.
At last it was our turn to go on. We all got in our cars and buckled up, and waited for the ride to start. All of a sudden we took off. I thought it was going to go outside but it didn’t, it went into a very dark, cold, and amazing room. It was so cold that I thought we were in a freezer. We went up and down, side to side, it sped up slowed down. I had so much fun. We even took our own pictures with our camera. We decided to go on again because the lines were kind of short. I didn’t even think it was that fun.
“This was totally worth the wait,” I shouted.

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