My Angel

June 27, 2010
By Anonymous

When I was in fourth grade my grandmother passed away. I remember everything about that day. I heard my mom open my bedroom door, I thought she was coming to getting me up so I could get ready for school. I began to worry when my dad walked in. my dad was never home when I got up, he was always at work. My mother walked up to my bed, and began rubbing my back. I slowly started to get up, I looked at her face, and what I saw scared me. My mom was crying. My mom didn't cry, that was like, against the law or something. She held me in her arms as she told me the sad news. My grandmother, her mom, was gone. She held me close as tears streaked down my face. I loved my grandmother so much, she was amazing. She always gave us candy, even though we weren't supposed to have any. She never got mad, even when we broke stuff. I had to go to school, which I thought was totally unfair, Daddy didn't have to go to work, so why did I have to go to school?? My parents wouldn't hear it, so I went back to my room and slowly began to pull on my uniform. My mom put a note in my backpack for my teacher, explaining everything. When I got to school, my teacher was very kind, "Madi, if there is anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. And if you need a drink of water, it is okay if you just get up and get one. I am so sorry for your loss." I said thank you and then took my seat. I tried to pretend like nothing was wrong, and it must have worked because no one said anything about me looking upset. At lunch time, my parents came and got me, we had to leave then or we wouldn't make it to North Dakota in time for the funeral. The entire drive I cried. I didn't say a word the entire time we were in the car. We got to my aunts house, where we were staying, dropped off our stuff, and went next door to see my grandpa. Everyone was crying. It was awful, I was so sad and scared, I didn't know what to do, or what to feel. After the visitation and the funeral, i stopped eating, no one really noticed because I didn't eat very much anyways. Even when I stopped coming to the table while everyone else was eating, no one noticed. I'm glad no one noticed, i didn't want anyone to worry about me, I wanted them to be happy. On our way home from my aunt's house, I saw a cloud. It was just a normal cloud, but I couldn't stop looking at it. Then out of no where I heard my grandma's voice: "Madi I'm in Heaven, I'm resting with the Father. You don't have to worry anymore." After that, I was able to eat again, I didn't feel the weight of the world anymore. To this day, I still hear my grandmother's voice once in a while, telling me how proud she is, and how she loves me. I miss her, but I know she is better off now. I love you Grandma!
-Your Loving Granddaughter

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