A Random Act of Kindness

June 27, 2010
By jalaj BRONZE, Faridabad, Other
jalaj BRONZE, Faridabad, Other
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two most stupid things to do are synchronising success and hazing hopelesness

as a kid i was told about the numerous inventions a guy named edison made .from the enlightening bulb to the movie making machine n all.n it left me pondering that that guy left us with nothing to work upon n invent.my views were made more concrete as i learned about the strange things which happened with great people of the past on which they coupened upon and gained that highest mark.not being sarcastic i reassured myself that there are a few special one otherwise nobody would be.but an incident cahnged my perception and made me realise that oppurtunities are always provided and they have to be identifeid at the right time.last week i had to escort an old lady with her bags to some place <yeah parental pressure>and kept on insisting she would do it herself<yeah she was kind>.on the short way<dont wanna be calculative but maybe 350 metres> she tried to drag a topic of conversation <the weather or something>or kept asking me if i was tried<one bag was really heavy>.but i kept refusing<yeah i am not a monster and my name is not el deabro>.at the end when came the destination all i could hear from her was her blessings for me and my future.and yes ,dont blame me its 21 century>i hoped these blessings would work for my results <which are due soon>.but thwen on my way back i realised the importance of it.i directed them to the best of the few special people in my life<yeah i dont make many friends>.and somewhere it gave me the true pursuit of happiness<woh! heavy words>.but at the end it left me at ther question was is an act of random kindness on my part or her?

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