Tied Together (Part two)

June 26, 2010
By SarahElizabethHelen BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
SarahElizabethHelen BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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School wasn't fun. I would go to homeroom and be my bestfriend and supposed "lover" Jessica. We were in the same homeroom because we both had last names that started with the letter "B". We had the best homeroom teacher though, she was so nice. At 8:45 we would leave for first class. It was...odd how my school went. Everyone was put into "groups" with people that learned like one another. The "groups" were number 1,2,3,4 and 5. "Group" 2 was the honors group. The top 25 kids of the grade were invited to be in this class. The kids didn't have to be in this class, but I personally feel that it is better to be in the honors group. We got more and harder work than the other classes, but we were favored by the teachers more. Me and Jessica were both put into this Group. Each student would move from class to class with these students. You would have a different class each morning, so say it was Monday, you might have math first.
I would get into class and everything would normally be fine. I was around people like me, nerds. Until for each student that didn't go into the class the school offered that spot to a new student. Soon the class became full of people who didn't really belong there.
Since Jessica and I were in the same homeroom and group we were forced to spend a ton of time with each other. Thats how the whole "Lover" rumor started. The mean girls started gossiping about how we were girlfriend and girlfriend-that rumor was very untrue. The girls at my school are awful! They pick days to wear skirts, certain color shirts. They are the "populars". Why are they popular? Because they have big boobs. That is a fact too.
This year the mean girls took harassing me and Jessica past just gossip, they started touching us. It was only one girl who touched us though, she was a friend of the girl on the bus. Her other "friends" thought it was funny though. She would come up behind me in gym and touch my butt. She would party boy Jess in the halls and ask Jessica out on dates. The teachers didn't do anything though, they LET her do it! I felt...horrible about the whole thing.
After all the classes I would get to go home! Everyone would be hyper on the bus expect me. Vince would be cracking jokes left and right, the little kids yelling and some people even threw things. I would just sit there. It wasn't like I was sulking, I just wasn't happy nor did I have the want to be happy. Once my stop came I would dart off the bus without saying goodbye to anybody but Bob. Donte even commented on how fast I would walk home, I just told him I was a "fast walker".

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