Tied Together

June 26, 2010
By SarahElizabethHelen BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
SarahElizabethHelen BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I walked down the staircase of my little house, as I entered the dinning room there was my normal morning meal; a single slice of toast with butter, an apple, some grapes and a glass of milk that my mother had put out. I pulled out a chair and sat down with a sigh. I played around with my food for a little while; moved the grapes around, took a nibble or two at the toast until I heard water running. Without a sound I got up and walked over to the trash can. I open it and threw the food on my plate out. I left the room to go get ready for school without a second thought.
"Sarah, come on the bus is going to be here!" My mother shouted just loud enough for me to hear in my second floor bedroom. I glanced on last time in my mirror before leaving for another day in hell. Hair-pin straight, Eyes-coated with makeup, Pimples-covered with my skin-tone makeup, Lips-The perfect pink. I then examined my outfit for the day; a plain black V-neck fitted shirt with a pair of dark jeans and black ballet flats. I had my glass Autism Awareness Necklace on that I thought made my black-eyes kinda "pop" out and a pair of sliver stud earrings in. I nodded to myself and left my room.
I went into the living room and went to kiss my twin brothers on their heads. First I made my way over to JT my crazy, monkey-like two year old who all my friends went ga-ga over. I kissed his light brown head of wild hair while his eyes were glued to what ever cartoon was on the TV. I went to kiss JA, but he pushed me away and made a nails-on-a-chalkboard like yell for me to get away from him. I sighed and looked at him for a very long time. This toddler looked like my brother but he wasn't my brother, he wasn't MY baby boy. He wasn't that same little boy who said my name, who I felt kick my mother from inside her womb, who I heard say his first word, who used to favor me out of everybody in my 6-person family; he wasn't that little boy but a shell of who he used to be. I then hugged my mother and went out the door with my brother ST who was 10 to go to the bus. We walked down the street and was greeted by two other males, Donte and Dan. Dan was a year younger than me and Donte, he was totally full of himself and I'm proud to say I have told him off a few times. Donte, on the other hand was kind of cool, he was everyone's friend. I was the first person he knew when he moved into the school district. While we weren't as close as we were when he first moved in I still felt he was a friend.
A huge yellow bus came to a skreaching stop not long after. The doors opened to show just about the coolest bus driver ever, his name was Bob! On a birthday he would bring in treats that us kids would "take" since he couldn't really "give" us food. Also once a week he would have a riddle, who ever solved the riddle first would get a ten dollar gift card to their choice. We said the normal "good morning" that we usally did as I made my way to the back of the bus. I was the second stop in the morning so most of the seats were missing children. Since I was in 8th grade and the oldest grade I sat in the very back. I slumped down with a pretty blond female. I let my blue Old-Navy tote bag that I used for my books fall to the ground and turned my head to talk to her.
"Hey!" I said with a small smile, all I got back was a cold "hello". She wouldn't even look at me. I sighed. I had been friends with E for as long as I can remember. So I was used to this, one morning she would be all bubbly and talking to me, the next it would be like she hated me. Most of the time I didn't know why she was mad at me, and today I could have just cared less about what had ticked her off this time. She would get mad over the stupidest of reasons, like one day I was up at the highschool for a inschool program and when I got home she texted me all rudely asking why I hadn't said a hello to her older sister in the hall when I was "looking right at her", I can honestly say I didn't see her sister but she would just get attitude over it. That was one thing that really got to me about her, the fact she thinks she can tell me what I have, haven't done/said/did or anything else. I didn't care to ask her what I did this time, I wasn't in a good mood and could already tell I was going to break down. I didn't need her crap at the moment.
So we rode without talking for the rest of the ride.
At the last stop another blond came on the bus, she sat down right infront of us. I sighed and close my eyes. I tried not thinking about her, or all the times we shared together as best-friends but I smelled her shampoo. She had a lion's mane for hair and I could always smell the shampoo she used. God, why couldn't she have just stayed with me? I needed her, and she just left.
If I had just stopped being friends with her, I might not have fallen apart but the b**** friends she replaced me and Jess with weren't letting the whole thing go.
She knew my gun was already loaded, and she was getting THEM to pull the triger to my down-fall.
After what seemed like years the bus pulled into the school and Bob opened it's doors. The kids all jumped from their seats.
"Only 8 more hours until I can go home" I said to myself as I moved into my own nightmare.

The author's comments:
This is a true story. I have changed some names to protect those who play a major role in the story. I really hope that people will read this and review it. I want people to learn from my mistakes and to know that they aren't alone. <3

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