June 25, 2010
I can look at her and see another girl....this other girl is my sister, my first love and my best friend.....and no the girl i look at isnt related to me or loved by me or even a true friend to me at least not yet...but i see in her what i see in my little girl.....i love my little girl and every day i miss her more. Only a week has passed and i cry bc i dont know if I will ever see her again....and how can you live when you lose someone like that? Its like being cut in the deepest parts of your being ripped away from something you forgot meant so much bc of the time you have spent with them....its like knowing that everything you had always done is dead and cant be resurrected again. And I sit here and stroke this girls hair like i would to my sister if she were here and i think how much i would love to hear her carefree laugh like only my sister can have being only seven years old there are no worries....and i would love to feel her small hug bc then i know that she loves me like a love her....and i would love to hold her tiny hand bc she is the best friend i could ever have in the world...but all i can do is see this girl and think of another one who will always have my heart.

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