Pain(Is a Hard Word To Explain)

June 18, 2010
By Gina Charles BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Gina Charles BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Pain is a hard word to explain.
When the blood flowing from your eyes is no longer known as a cry.
When you've been beaten so badly that you fall down to the ground and cover your ears cause you're so tired of the sound.
When your own mother does'nt trust you anymore.
When your life is like a bomb and its ticking away, because pain is something that will always stay.
Because you know I am that girl I have that pain, I have not yet overcome that obstacle,I want to be that...Survivor.
When you finally relize that boys only want one thing but cause one thing,Pain it is all the same,Pain is just another game I have to play,Pain I guess it's apart of my life.
When you live my life it's so dull because Pain has beaten me down into this small little dirt hole.
Pain took my life now Im struggling to get it back but some might say Im to young to lose my life to young to be trying to get it back, pain can take anyone's life any size any age it might not seem as big but wait til it locks you up in a small little cage, hold on wait thats not all I have to say Pain is like a disease and its spreading across the U.S.A.
Yeah some might say im hard-headed because they tell me one thing but I always do the other,one thing I'll never do is become like my mother her whole life was sumed up into one word:struggles instead of sleeping with her at night I had to do that with mr.snuggles.
Sex,yeah that's another pain but this is a pain that I know will make you go insane but some people try to hide thier lose of thier virginty but you feel alone because if you tell someone you may lose your dignity.
Sex is more learned of at school because some friends perssure them to have sex but what some may not know it's like they do you and then they say NEXT!
Love that's another pain everyday all the time it's like little kiddy boys have to put on a show everyday all day those poor girls with thier heart broke are raised to songs like "should've let you go".
These girls out here know what kinda lifestyles thier getting thierselves into but then they try to leave but finally relize they stepped in to big of a shoe.So success is what they lack then they start to break down cause the whole world is on thier back and now thier only home and friend is an alley and a rat and all this happened because that a**hole said if you love me you'll give me some of that kiddy kat.
So now I tell you I was that girl, I had that pain, I've overcome that obstacle I am that...survivor!
So I guess that is a hard word to explain...Pain

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this article was not only me having some expereince with pain but other girls that I see going through pain so I decide to write about it. I want those girls to know that they're not alone and that thier are people out there that care. I also have to give a shout-out to Abril Edwards who also inspired me to express what I feel through poems.

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