Will It Ever be OK?

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

When she looks in the mirror, she see's someone 300 times the size of her. All she wants to feel is pretty. She criticizes every part of her. If she eats, she feel's guilty, and starves and starves till that feeling is gone. People say she has gotten smaller, but she still see's that 2 ton girl staring back at her. She looks at those girls who are like rails, and imagines herself like that, but when she opens her eyes, its the reality she has to face...shes far from that rail. Her friends tell her she can overdose on those pain pills she sneaks from her father,but all she worries about is the pills taking away that feeling of hunger. She acts like nothings wrong, and everything ok..but underneath that fake smile, her life is slowly slipping away. She used to be so full of life, so happy,so strong. She loved playing volleyball, Riding her horse, and was so energetic. But now... All she wants to do is sleep and exercise. She sometimes thinks, "Will is ever be ok? Will i ever get my life back, that got stolen from me? Will i ever get rid of this Demon living inside of me, telling me what to do..saying "your too fat. No food for you tomorrow." Thats an answer she may never know.

The author's comments:
I wrote this little over a year ago. This girl who i was once friends with, put my life through living hell. and did some damage that can never be repaired. This is just a little bit about it. tell me what you think?:)

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This article has 1 comment.

sassychix23 said...
on Jul. 12 2010 at 6:29 pm
i think every one need to be happy in ur own skin u see i have the exact oppisite problem i'm too skinny and people tell me i'm as skinny as a pole and it hurts but i'm happy in  my own skin and so should u and any one else that reads this articale

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