The Worst Day!

June 22, 2010
If I could Change being Tall for you I would. Why Does it even matter? I care so much about you No matter what people have said I never listened. I don't care if your Not perfect I love you for who you are and now my heart is broken and Im still loving you. Why does it matter if I'm Tall? If I could change for you I would, That's how much I care. I wouldn't think twice about it and about your ex I really don't know what to say all I can say is I'm willing to wait for you as long as it takes, I will wait. How Could you only see me as a friend? You know I care about you and I like you! You flirt with me and I flirt with you. The things you say and The things we do when we are together? I don't get it. Why would you act like that If you Didn't like me? You mean A lot to me, More than anyone. You still Haven't flat out told me how you feel about me I ask if I should stop liking you? If we would ever go out? and you say " No don't stop liking me" and your exact words " Im not going to be the only guy you ever date" Basically telling me just to keep my options open. Im so confused and hurt right now. I have a know in my stomach , lump in my throat , and my heart is aching. Im fighting back tears and I have no clue what to do, Im so hurt, you have no idea how much Im hurting, and how much it hurts to feel this way.

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