Old Friend

May 28, 2010
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I was huffing and puffing as I ran through yards, jumped over creeks, ran across logs to get away. I sprinted and sprinted for about ten minutes until I was too tired to run and had to catch my breath. I sat behind a bush and tried to control my breathing so no one could hear me. I could hear him walking, getting closer and closer. As soon as he got close enough I darted the other way. The base was so close, I could see it. Right as I was getting ready to jump into the base lines! “ You’re it!” abraham yelled as he brushed my shoulder. “No!” I yelled. Falling to the ground exhausted.

Your probably wondering why this intense game of tag has to do with anything. Well the main point of that story had to do with my friend abraham who if you noticed was the one to tag me. He is my old, old friend from when I lived in Kennesaw, Georgia way back in the day. I was around seven when me and abraham were friends, however; Abraham was about eight. He was my best friend back then. He was one of the only kids I knew from my neighborhood, most of the kids that lived around me were older, those kids scared me when I was that age. Abraham and I would always hang out. We would skateboard, play neighborhood tag, play video games, or my favorite go to his house and eat spicy korean noodles. His family is korean and his mom made some of the most amazing food i think i have ever had, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The noodles, different kinds of meats, I dont know what half the stuff I ate was but if she made it, I knew it was good.

Abraham moved after a year of knowing him. He moved to another county across georgia. A couple months after that i moved all the way out to utah. We hadn’t gotten in contact with eachother in over four years, however; i still remember when we used to hang out. About four or five months ago he added me as a friend on facebook. At first i wasn’t sure it was him but i added him as a friend, we talked, and that assured me it was him.

When i go back to georgia to see my family i will deffinately make it a plan to go see him. I haven’t sen him in five years, it would be cool to see him and how he has changed. Other than learning that abraham had a facebook, i learned thatonce someone becomes your best friend no matter how long you haven’t seen them they will always still be friendly.

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