Is My Father Alive?

June 13, 2010
By Anonymous

have you ever had a good day and then the next day wa a bad day? I'm sure we have all had our share of those. but the few days in my life that replay every day in my mind is october the third. that was the day i got to see my dad after 6 months of jail. i know you think automatically that he did something very bad but he didnt. he went to jail for someone else. the cops blammed on my dad. but my dad did not say anything because he didnt want them to send an 18 year old to a cold, heartless place like jail. he knew that he wouldn't have made it in there very long with all those big guys in there. so my dad just went for him. the other guy was so happy that he wasnt goin to jail. but he didnt want my dad to be punished for what he had done. but my dad told him to keep his mouth shut. yes my dad did di drugs but he had quit dealing with that stuff a few months back. but when my dads court date came around and he was on the stand and he had to swear not to lie and all that they asked if he was dealing drugs. my dad said no and of course every one in there thought that he was lieing. so the past that court date to another judge on another day.and they did this for 6 months and then my dad finally got out. i wasnt aloud to go see him in jail. but i was aloud to write him. as soon as my daddy was released my anut took me to his house. i thought that we were just going down there to clean up his house some. thats what she had told me we where doing but when i walked in the house and went in to his room i saw the back of him and i just knew it was him. i screamed dady your home! and he turned and we ran to each other and gave each other the biggest bear hug i had ever gotten from him in my whole life. i had missed him so much. i spent 6 hours with him just hugging and telling him how much me and my aunt had missed him and that i loved him so much. then when i had to go i got tears in my eyes i tried my best not to let it show to anyone. then we pulled out of the drive way and so did he. he was going to go see his girl friend. he told us that he would call when he had the house all cleaned up and when it was he wanted us to come see him. well we called he didnt answere and we thought that his girlfriend was with him so he was ok. then on october 6 we got a call from my aunt Lynda she told me and my ant that my dad was dead. i didnt believe it i just couldnt. i told my aunt that we were going to go see for our selves. we got in the car and headed over there. when we got there their was only one ambulance and one cop car. the cop was in the car writing something down. abd i saw my brother eddie and i sai d i want to see him he told me no. i told my uncl berry i want to see him and he said you dont want to remember him like this sweetie and then i just couldnt breathe. they werent going to let me see him. so i went away from the house and tried to stop crying and try to catch my breatthe but i couldnt. my aunt was crying and i told her to ask them to go see my dad. she got out of the car and asked they said no. they said that no one is going in there so i got in the car with my uncle and he drove me to his house dropped me off and went back to my dads house. my aunt is still there. i had stopped crying and just sat down in the kiving room with my aunt Lynda. it was really quit and all i was thinking was "how did he die? what happened? why wasnt his girl friend with him like she was suppose to be?" i was just paralyzed i could hardley breathe let alone stand pu. well the next month came around and we heard that he died of diabetic acoma. it shocked me but at least i knew that it wasnt from drugs. within the next 3 months i just kept thinking that my dad isnt dead. i dont think my dad is dead stil today. my brother eddie is a very rich man he can mke anything happen in the snap of a finger. then i started adding things up in my mind. first my uncle and eddie wouldnt let me see my dads body. then they had a closed casket and no one was aloud to open it. and then the otopsie papers still arent back and to day is june 13 2009. my dad was suppose to have died 8 months and 5 days ago. i dont know if my dad is dead but i wont giv up looking for him untill i konw for sure. i am to young to go to the otpsie people and see the pictures of my dads body. and well i live 2 hours away from my brother. but the next time i am around his house i am going to ask him. but if i am correct and my dad is alive ,and in protective custody or somehting, then he will probly lie straight to my face. so then i will have to ask my uncle. i hope i will find out if my dad is alive or not.

The author's comments:
this is a true story about my self. and i mean every word in it.

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on Jul. 8 2010 at 2:22 pm
JamieStarr GOLD, Sevierville, Tennessee
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o! thats why i love you. :) i love you.

I felt this way after i had lost my dad but now i know that i was just upset and wishing for the best. i still wish that this was true but i know down deep in my heart that he really is gone.


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