"De Will 2 Live"

June 16, 2010
I am used to island-hopping and the ups and drawbacks of it, but no island has struck me different like Palau. "De Will" is a guy who plays acoustic guitar and rides his bike to and fro. He was once a member of this small community. Before his tragedy, his parents have set up billboards and educational programs against underage drinking and driving under the influence. I asked about these billboards one day. I was told De Will and his parents had set up one of their Youth programs one night. After the program, everyone got free shirts and stickers to remind them to stay alcohol-free. De Will helped pass out shirts and, afterwards, cycled home. It was not pitch dark, there were street lights on, and he had his bike lights on. He was nearing his home at the top of this hill when a car veered off the road and into his direction. De Will had no way knowing this or even a spare moment to avert it; one side was the road with on-coming cars and the otherside was grass and down a rocky hill. He was trapped. It was not a hit and run. The driver was apprehended. Being that of a small community, pretty much everyone is related to one another by blood or clan. The driver that ran him over was De Will's own blood- his cousin was drinking and driving. Now there is an angel statue kneeling with a guitar at that place to commemorate De Will. I find his name quite apt for his parents' cause, though sad, as if he was singled- out by fate. "The Will To Live". Sadly, by evident of what I see in the youth, his death does not stop them from consuming alcohol. What else must happen to portray the negative energy of this cause?

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DeWill2Live article said...
Nov. 23, 2010 at 10:09 pm

sorry to say that the information you wrote is not accurate.

please get the facts

K9_Typical_Islander replied...
Nov. 24, 2010 at 8:35 pm
I understood that before I published it, but my goal was not the accuracy of the account-- though I'm sure that would've given it more of a detailed-qulaity -- but the situational irony, sad twist, and ethic message behind it. Thank you for you concern, and I'm sorry if I have given any sign of offense toward the lack of info in my article.
Reklai06 replied...
Nov. 24, 2014 at 4:12 am
I agree with dewill2live. Please get the right info. The fact that you don't know the story properly, gives no basis for what you call "situational irony and sad twist". Seriously. I commend your writing style and appreciate your ethical advocacy but please get your facts straight the next time you decide to publish a story as sensitive as this. It really is an offense to the family.
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