Stormy night

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

The story actually begins when I first become a Boy Scout- a snowy March afternoon at Springfield Oaks County Park (4-H fairgrounds). I slowly walk across the bridge with my parents at my side. On the other side, my Boy Scout life awaits. Camping, hiking, swimming, and survival are just a few topics I will need to learn as soon as I cross over this bridge. I have no idea what I’m in for.

One year later, I take a trip with my troop for an overnight campout at Highland Recreation Area. I set up my green A-frame tent and do my usual daily routine- start fires, build things, cook, eat, and just sit around. The sky soon becomes dark and it starts to drizzle. Drizzle becomes rain, rain becomes downpour, and downpour leads to thunder and lightning. This makes us huddle together under a dining fly and hold it down to prevent it from flying away. We must also be careful not to touch the metal poles so we don’t attract lightning. I turn one way and see trees snapping like toothpicks, I quickly turn the other way and see another troop’s tent become unsecured and fly into the woods. “Wow, did you see that!” I scream. This battle against the elements lasts for another half hour, then all of a sudden the rain stops. This adventure in scouting taught me a lot about safety and how to live with Mother Nature. Now, we all must face another adventure, cleanup.

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