Love square gone wrong

May 16, 2010
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i`m with him, your with her. But i`m still crushed by loosing you, and your completly happy with her. You have moved on, fell back in love so fast! This just seems like a love square gona all wrong! You love her, she loves you, i love you, brandon loves me. I dont know how to fix this so its right! Nothing is gonna change how i feel for you! But i`m just about giving up hope for me and you. I will never move on, this messed up little love square will always be the same. I`m stuck at admiring from afar. Watching you and her be happier than ever,only wishing, praying, and dreaming that someday it will be me instead. Hoping that if you do come back, i`m the one you completly love, more than you have ever loved anyone. I love you so much! More than just a friend you mean more than the world to me, can you see? That my life will never be complete unless you tell me, i am the only one youll ever truly love. I know that wont happen because of this messed up little love square gone wrong...

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