May 15, 2010
Why do I even bother to try just for you to laugh at me when I fail. Why do I get up just for you to push me back down. Why do I live just for you to kill me. No matter what I do or how hard I try...it's not good enough. I lie in my bed at night letting my tears of sorrow put me to sleep. My heart is full of painand agony, of hattred and emptieness. Why do I turn the other cheeck just for you to slap it. I tell myself it's gunna be okay, but you prove me wrong. You say things that stabs my heart. I dont know how much longer I can hold on. I want to scream but I dont. Everyday you put me down, kicking me to the curb. I'm losing itand about to let go, to leave this life and move on to a better one. I want to move forward but you hold me back. I want to run away from all this but it always catches back up to me. I honestly dont know how long I can go before I break. Im lost, misguided, judged but mostly....alone. I know im not alone but why isnt anyone here with me? I wish I could talk to you about my feelings, but all you do is yell, cry, and think of me as crazy. Im not sure if this is a poem or a page full of my pain. But whatever it is it's the only way I can express myself. It feels like the whole world has turnned on me, shutting me out, to leave me lost and alone. The pain is killing me slowly. Tearing at my heart leaving me lost and alone

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