May 20, 2010
You slowly close your tired eyes, drift into your world of relaxing sighs. Diamond tiaras, glass slippers, a prince in shining armor. Twirly dresses, revealed wishes. Imagination run with me to hide what we hate to see, but we still believe in what we dream. In the shadows where they snicker. Dear child, these unheard whispers hold a brotherhood of sisters. Silvery white gowns begin to fade to a sickly shade of jade, bringing more then just mournful frowns. Winged fairies begin to drown as your dream sinks farther down. Petals of roses fall as phantoms begin to crawl and grow tall. In the dark, where you sit, thinking of a new start that will perfectly fit. It is done, the demon has won. Yet, my pet, you do not fret, as you act so vain in this fairytale of unspoken pain.

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