June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Write about a time when you were jealous of someone/something. Who/What was it, how did it resolve itself, and how did you react?

What does the word jealous mean? According to a dictionary, it means “feeling bitter and unhappy because of another’s advantage, possessions or luck.” Have I ever been jealous of anyone? Yes, the truth is that I have been jealous of some people. Not too often, I might add. When you’re as awesome as me, you do not need to be envious of other people. But even I am not perfect, nobody is. The story I am about to tell, happened when I was still in grade school. I wasn’t as elegant, smart, talented, as I am now. No, if you saw me back in 2nd grade, you would really be surprised. I still however, retained my sense of humor. Yeah, I was this funny when I was only a little kid. Kind of scares you, doesn’t it?

So one day, I am walking to my school with friends. We are just having fun. It rained the night before, so it wasn’t hot as hell like it usually is. On our way to the school, we stop to a local shop to buy cookies. I loved cookies when I was a kid, maybe even more than the Cookie Monster. We resume our walk to the school munching on some cookies that tasted awesome. We attend our assembly, which I always loved. We go to our classes. The thing I personally admire about schools in my country is that they don’t have a lot of students. For example, my school only had about 400 kids. So I pretty much knew every teacher and student who attended my school. I go to my class, happily. I am smiling, joking on my way to the class. I will gladly skip ahead to the real action. Its lunch time! The favorite thing about lunch time for me back then was that we used to get a whole half-an-hour to play Cricket. I was, and still am, pretty damn good. I would always bring my cricket bat. It had a reputation for hitting the ball out of ground. It was the most sickest, amazing, awesomest bat ever. I loved it to death. However, I am in for a grim surprise. When I enter the playing field, I see everyone gathered around this guy who let’s just say I didn’t like, at all! Wanting to see what the big deal is, I myself enter the circle. I almost cried when I saw what he had. His father got him a one-of-a-kind bat that was autographed by my favorite player. Nonetheless, I leave the field feeling beaten. I can’t wait for school to be over. I feel like I have been conquered. However, I am not the one to stand back and not do anything. I come home, and wait for my father to come from his job. I did what any sensible kid would do. When he came, I simply cried, a lot. I had a knack for screaming. That certainly played to my benefit. I rolled on the ground, moping. If I remember correctly, I probably cried for an hour before my father, on the urge of my mother, finally surrendered. He said if I would get 1st position, American equivalent of being a Valedictorian, for a trimester, he would buy me a whole kit. That sounded like a good deal. I agreed to his terms. Two months later, I get 1st position. I come home from school, and there it is! The thing that I wanted for so long! It even had my name on it. The feeling I got can’t be described by words, so I won’t even attempt to do such a thing. In short, I was really happy.

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