beethovens mozart, and mozarts' shakeshpere

May 19, 2010
art thou thirsty, theif of night? do thou hunger in the vast sound of happiness? art thou obsessing the tiny amount of sanity thou withold? thus mean thou shall apologize sir perfection.thou art an obstruction to thee! thou art perpetually miserable. shall i persecute thou for perplexing the uncomplex? for being ignited in such ignorance. for bathing thy mind in such filth. stealing the identity of completion. when thou art not complete in any way under any circumstance ! thou name bring fowl image to a beings' mind! and yet thou murmur a soft "help" where nobody stands? I cannot bare thee! But then, thou art my narcotic to life. the drug i must cunsume to live. brodening the narrow path of happiness. nursing my mind with what I, call love. But then in the utter presence of reality i suddenly overdose.

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