My Code of Ethics

June 7, 2010
There are ways that you change people’s lives through belief and thought not money and objects. My codes of ethics include Bible, Golden role and Respect. Why does this world always think what is ahead of them. And not what they all ready have. The world is growing bigger but the human intelligence spans are growing smaller.

I choose the bible as one of my code of Ethics. Why does it guide me? It guides me though life so when I think I’m doing my duty to god not only will I feel good but also get rewarded. Why would I choose the bible? I choose it because for what I now is right and what is should do. What does it teach me? It teaches me by telling me in my mind that if I do something wrong it will come back at me. And it’s not going to happen like a snap of finger to happen. Religions come good and bad but what you now is right is good enough to take a chance and most of the time it will come back to you the good way.

How come when you use the golden you get respected and trusted? What does the golden role mean to me? It means a lot. It means more than please and thank you. Helps though life. So if you don’t like someone treat him or her like he’s your best friend, who knows he may turn around and be like you. Why do I use it? I use to put other people in front of me so that I get treated the way I want to be treated. Use this role in life and you will feel better and mentally stronger than you are now.

How will respect change you life? How do I use it? I use so that I get respected as well as my friends. How does it change people? It changes people by being more honest and respected. Following these simple traits can make a life long lesson for you.

If you use these simple roles it will help you through life and through out your family life as well. It will show what is more important that money and toy. And what comes first I a life so short.

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J-HOCKEY-DOG said...
Jun. 11, 2010 at 12:09 am
this is beast
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