Surgically Removed

June 7, 2010
Part 1 (Age 7)

Mommy says that this is the same Doctor's I was born at, 7 years ago. She also said that she will take me for a treat when the doctor's are done fixing my owie. Mommy is sitting in a chair across the hospital room and I'm lying on this uncomfy, cold, and hard bed. Mommy looks so scared, and I don’t know why.

"It's okay Mommy, don't cry. Doctor Jen is goin' to make me all better!" I yell with happiness,

"I know honey, you will be just fine!" Mom said back.
The doctor is knocking now. My tummy feels weird like I'm scared. It feels like it does when it's time to go to bed and mommy shuts off my light and shuts the door but forgets to turn on my night light. This is a scary feeling, and I want it to go away.

The doctors start pushing my bed out the room’s door and onto the elevator. I really badly wanted to press the button. Mommy always lets me. I didn't know which one to press though. I think mommy is right behind us but I don’t here her. I turn to look for mommy but she isn’t there. So I sit up and cry,

"No! Where's my mommy? I want my mommy! Please! Where's my mommy? We forgot her!"
Doctor Jen pushes my chest back; I am laying down again back in the cold and hard bed. That wasn't very nice.

We are finally in this weird room. It's cold in here. My feet are empty because mommy took off my new pink sneakers. Doctor Jen shoved this pink and plastic mask over my nose and lifted the strap over my head.

"What flavor of Medicine do you want Miss Amy?” Doctor Jen asked, “There is Strawberry, Grape, Vanilla, Watermelon, and bubblegum.”

"Hmmmmm, I want bubble gum!" I commanded.

"Okay sweetheart, Bubble gum it is." Doctor Jen replied, “This medicine will gust into your nose and you will shortly fall right a sleep, so you will not feel the operation when we fix you."

“Okay,” I sighed.
As I lay here, the light shines down on my eyes. This mask is starting to smell more and more like bubblegum. Different doctors started standing around my bed. They became blurry, like they were becoming distant. I am so sleepy, but I took a nap on the way here. My sight became dark. I was a sleep.

Part 2 (11 Years Later)

Gross, I hate the stench in hospitals, chiefly this hospital. This is the hospital that I came out of my Mom's womb 18 years ago, nasty right? Good Samaritan smells like elderly urine, which is freaking foul. Sitting here in the waiting room is so damn boring. You have no idea. I am so hungry that my burps taste like a whole lot of just air.

“Amy B., come back please!” The nurse yells across the room.
Ugh, freaking finally. Her smile looks so lame, because you can tell she really isn’t that excited to be here. I wouldn’t be that excited. I just roll my eyes and walk past her hoping my dad would just stay right where he is.

“Almost time to graduate! What’s the day?” the nurse brightly asked.

“June 11th,” I replied.

“Oh awesome! Aren’t you so excited?” she yelled in excitement.

“Yup,” I sighed.

She is taking my blood pressure. I have always disliked this part, considering that thing is grasping my arm for its life. I also hate feeling my own pulse because it feels like it’s going to pop out of my arm.

“Okay dear, looks great!” she said, “The doctor will be in before you know it.”
I can tell that she wanted out fast. I made the room silent on purpose. The lady was a counterfeit and her fakeness was absolutely annoying to me. I can’t wait for the doctor to put me to sleep. I don’t even care what flavor. My tailbone is freaking killing me. She should at least just give me a damn epidural. I just don’t want to feel this pain any longer and she really needs to freaking hurry up, like seriously. I guess she is just taking her sweet time. Oh wait, I hear her wierd voice speaking outside the door. Ah yes, it’s the knock.

“Come in,” I yell.

“Well hello Amy, I’m doctor Jen, I operated on your neck and removed thyroid gland when you were just a little girl.” she said.

“Oh hello, Yes, I vaguely remember,” I replied.
Yeah, this is pretty awkward. I don’t know how doctors can remember after meeting so many new faces throughout the years. Ugh, these beds are so cold and hard. My feet even dangle off the ends.
She is pushing my bed out of the room now. I know where we are going. She is taking me to the operating room. I’m starting to get extremely nervous, blah. She placed the plastic mask over my nose and mouth. This mask smells like sweet plastic, yuck. She didn’t even ask me for a flavor. Just all the sudden I feel sleepy. Maybe it’s psychological and my mind is telling me that I’m sleepy. I don’t think so. I suddenly smell chocolate. It’s like stale chocolate. Everything is becoming blurry and the doctor’s face is moving. It must be time to operate. I forgot how fast this crap kicked in. Well look, already time to operate. I now lay a sleep.

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