The Dare

June 4, 2010
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“Time to go kids!” my mother exclaimed.
I couldn’t believe that we where going again. As I got in the car my mother and father cautioned us to put our seat belt on. As soon as we did my dad screeched off to the 15 freeway. I couldn’t believe we were going to my cousins again for the first time in two years. Freeways are so boring cause you to can’t do anything and I was listening to my to big sisters wine the whole way there. They were talking about how they rather go to the movies and see “My Little Pony” and then they’d go to my cousin’s house.

“Come on you guys cheer up its fun to go,” I remarked.

“It is for you, because you’re crazy like them so of course you would want to go,” my sister hissed.
“Well you’re little sour girl.” I murmured to myself as I put on my I-pod.
After two or three hours we arrived at the house. We got off the car and went up to the house and knocked but when we knocked something caught my eye. I looked and it was a new plan b skate board and it looked like no one has touched it in months so I just thought. Once they answered we said our hellos to my uncle and aunt and to my cousins. After we went in and sat down which is when my cousins called me in to the room to play so I went in and one of them told me about the new super cool skate park across the street. Without hesitating I rushed to the window closet to the street and looked but I couldn’t see anything. So we decided to go outside. Finally I saw it. It was huge.
“Dude that’s tight,” I yelled. I went back in to the house to play with my cousins for a while.
After some time later, my mom called us to eat. “Yahoo!!” everyone exclaimed as we were going dome the stairs, all I could think about was the skate park and the board. When we got to the table I got my food and just downed it
“Slow down mijo!!” my mother urged.
“Fine, I will” I whined. As soon as we were done eating, I went outside, looked at the skate park and all of a sudden “bang!!!!” it hit. I immediately rushed inside and asked my cousins,
“Hey you guys do you want to make five bucks?” I explained my plan. I told them to cover for me awhile as I ran over to the skate park. They all agreed, and I snuck out. I grabbed the board and went across the street. I ended up staying there for about an hour, and I didn’t ever get caught. I was so lucky that day. I will never forget that day.

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