i can't believe he is gone !!!

June 4, 2010
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I was just waking up when my mom said, “Are you going Cristian?”
“No thanks, but where are you going?”
“To the mall.”
Shortly after that, most of my family was getting into the car. I just stood by the door wearing my Dallas Cowboy’s PJ’s--I looked like a big, bright, blue star.
My mom was excited because it had been to the mall. At that very moment, they were pulling out of the driveway.
“Have fun,” I waved.
“Will you take care of Milo?”
“I will don’t worry.” I went back into the house and rushed into my room. I looked a NASCAR trying to win a race. During all this, my big brother interrupted me while I was watching TV. He looked really weird that morning; he looked like a big grape fruit-he had an orange shirt and some bright blue jeans on.
“Cristian! Come outside,” he yelled.
“Where are you?” after I found him, I saw him with my dog Milo. He had a real cool looking ball in his hands. All of a sudden, my brother yelled, “Catch.” It all happened so fast that the ball hit my face; it hurt so much. Immediately, I went inside to check if I was bleeding--thankfully I wasn’t--I just looked like a big tomato. After all this happened, I went back outside to play again with my brother. Immediately when I got out he snapped, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m cool,” soon after he threw the ball, it hit the garage door, bounced off, and flew inside.
“Go get it!” My brother yelled.
“What? I didn’t throw it. You did.”
He began to threaten me, “Go get it or else!!!!” Instead of fighting, I went and got it. As soon as I walked into the garage, our dog began to walk away because my brother got a call from his annoying girlfriend. I could hear her on speaker phone saying, “Hey babe!”
“What’s up babe?” he wasn’t paying attention to Milo, and Milo got curios and began walking off to the neighbor’s house.
Suddenly, I heard my brother yell, “Cristian!!” Come outside fast!!”
I ran outside, “What, what happened” All of a sudden I saw our 4 month year old puppy lying dead on the ground covered with blood. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “How could this happen?”
I thought to myself I should of never went inside the garage and looked for that stupid ball.
After all of this happened, I felt like dying that instant. I kept asking myself, ‘”Why?” and, “How?” and “Why him?” I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =[

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