My Ninth B-DAY

June 4, 2010
By Steven Anderson II BRONZE, Menifee, CA, California
Steven Anderson II BRONZE, Menifee, CA, California
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“Yawn,” I sat up, stretched my arms and looked around after waking up from a long nap.
“Steven, come in here. We have a surprise for you,” my mom yelled out. She must’ve heard me moving around. It was then that I realized all the lights were off. “We’re in the kitchen.”

“Coming,” I replied. “What’s going on?” As soon as I approached the kitchen, my mom jumps up from behind the couch, my dad jumps up from behind the table, and my brother and sisters jump up from the kitchen counter.

“Surprise!” they all roared at me, “Happy Birthday!”

Not a moment to soon, I noticed that my family made me an awesome Oreo chocolate cake. It had sprinkles on top and one lit sparkling candle in the shape of a nine. After I made a wish and blew out the candle, we ate the cake. While we were eating, talking, and having fun, I glanced over toward the living room, and there I saw a big rectangle shape present with Spiderman wrapping to cover it. Not a second later, I ran over to the present and ripped it open. Finally, I got to the gift after going through a lot of wrapping that could have covered Mt. Everest. As soon as I saw it my jaw dropped.

“It’s what I’ve always wanted,” I shouted.

“Good thing you like it,” my dad commented smugly.

“Like it? I love it,” I cheered. “Thank you! Thank you!”
I take all the plastic wrapping off of it then take it outside to try it out.

“Nice skateboard!” some guy said.

“Thanks,” I replied. I get on and ride around to get the feeling of it.

“I love this,” I said.
I try to Ollie up the curb but a rock jammed between my wheels and I flew. “Smack,” as soon as I hit the ground I started crying. My mom heard me and ran outside.

“Are you ok?” she said.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I just scratched my arm.” As I wipe my tears my mom got me a band-aid. “Thank you.” I said
By the end of the day, I finally landed it. I was proud of myself. I now know that learning new things can be difficult.

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