bye lucky

June 4, 2010
“Bark! Bark! Bark!”
This is all I heard as soon as I woke up from my warm, cozy bed. Even when I got up and, started to get dressed, I still heard my German shepherd, Lucky, barking. I couldn’t figure out why, so I ignored it. The barking, however, was hard to ignore-it was so annoying that it seemed to get louder. It was worse than the sound someone makes when they’re scratching a chalkboard.
After finally getting ready, I went outside in the cold. I got my bike from the side of the house and went for a ride. As I pedaled, I felt I was going as fast as the Roadrunner from TV.

I was having so much fun riding around until I got home, because while putting my bike back, I saw my dog, Lucky. I noticed immediately that she was trying to jump over the fence-I knew that wasn’t good. I wanted to let her out to play, so I walked to the front gate to close it, so she wouldn’t run out into the street. As I approached the gate I saw Lucky running towards it. All of a sudden, it was a race between Lucky and I.
I ran as fast as I could, but Lucky ran faster. For a split second, I had a chance to grab her collar, which I did, but then she pulled me and began dragging me across the ground. I had to let go; but when I finally got up, Lucky was out of my sight. I knew I had to go get her. I went straight to my parent’s room and told my dad what happened.
“Sorry, I’m so tired. I can’t help,” my dad explained.
“Okay, fine I’ll try to get her,” I answered back.
“Okay, but be careful, and take Lucky’s leash,” my dad agreed.

So I went to my room, grabbed a jacket, and found Lucky’s leash. Immediately when I walked outside, I saw Lucky standing around the sidewalk. I slowly jogged toward her trying not to make her notice me. At that very moment I realized that this wasn’t Lucky’s first time running out onto the street. As I crept slowly towards Lucky, I noticed that people were beginning to stare.
“Nothing to stare at people,” I thought to myself. Meanwhile, I tired to ignore them and went back to chasing Lucky. At one point, I took a break by walking after her instead of running. Once I noticed that she stopped to smell something. I knew this was my chance. I began to slowly and quietly walk toward Lucky again. All of a sudden, Lucky quickly put her head up.
“Great!” I sighed knowing that she was going to bolt again. To my surprise, however, she didn’t run. Instead she simply walked up to me. As I stood in disbelief, Lucky all of a sudden Lucky jumped on me with her muddy paws as if she was trying to give me a huge. Furious but relieved, I grabbed Lucky by the collar and walked back home. After I put her back in the yard, I noticed my dad was as in there.
“Lesley, we have to take her back.”
“What, why!?” I cried.
“Well, she’s always getting out and running onto the street. I’m tried of it and I’m sure you are too.”
“Okay,” I replied weakly. That’s all I could say because I felt that someone just stabbed me in the heart with a knife.
Later that same day, I saw Lucky on my dad’s truck. It looked like she was excited because she loves going on trips. When I saw her happy face, and her tail wagging, my heart sank in sadness. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. After I saw the truck fading away, I now knew how it felt to lose someone that I loved very dearly.

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