My Trip

June 4, 2010
By , Temecula, CA
“Hey! Wake up,” someone said to me.

It was three in the morning. It was dark, cold and I was tired. Everyone, including me, was sleeping at the coach’s house to leave early. We were planning to go to a wrestling tournament in San Jose.

“Are we going now?” I complained to my dad who also happened to be one of the coaches.

“soon,” he replied.

Finally, we left, and it was still dark. In the car, everyone had their pillows and were sleeping whenever they could. After the long drive, we finally got to the hotel. I had to share a room with three other people. As soon as we got unpacked, we changed into our bathing suits and headed for the pool.

“Finally!,” I thought to myself after feeling so bored in the car.

After swimming for a couple of hours one of the coaches stated
” Okay time to go”

“aw, Man!” every sighed.

After we changed, we headed to the tournament to get weighed in, we wouldn’t wrestle until the next day. Once, we got there, we headed for the inside and waited in the long, crowded line. After a while, it was my turn.

“72 pounds” announced the man who weighted me.

After everyone was weighed, we went back to the hotel and got in the pool. The next day, we headed for the wrestling tournament. Once my match came up, I headed to the mat.

“shake hands,” the ref instructed us. When the match was over I ended up losing. Later on my second match finally came up. “shake hands,”

After that matched, I won. I was so surprised! In the end, I won one and lost two matches. When the trip was over, I was so tired and sleepy. Afterwards, once I was back home. I realized that my record wasn’t too bad, because during the trip I was pretty nervous, but the whole time I actually had a lot of fun.

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