The Camping Trip

June 4, 2010
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Suddenly my cousin screams out, “The biggest waterfall is coming.”
I was holding tight onto my inner tube. All of my cousins went first then my brother . Finally it was my turn . I was going down but then my foot got stuck on a rock! My cousin had to help me end eventually he was able to pull my foot out. Unfortunately, I flipped over, and I got hurt.

Later on we walked back to the camping site. As we walked my cousin walked to this tree. We saw a bee hive. Unbelievably, he grabs a stick and pokes the hive three times. We began to hear noises, like a million buzzing sounds inside an empty cup.

All of a sudden, an army of bees come out and chase us and sting us. Afterward, we had to sit down for a while. I felt like hitting my cousin for poking the bee hive with the stick but I didn’t because I was too tired and to sore. Meanwhile my cousin and I waited for my cousins to come back while it was dark. My brother yells out, “Let’s play hide and go seek.” We all agreed right away, we argued who it should be. My cousin conceded that she would be it. We gave her a flash light, she counted to 30, and we all ran into different directions into the inky black of the night.

“Ready or not here I come!” I could hear my cousins call out. With her flash light in her hand, she began to look for us. Out of nowhere, she found my little cousin. We all laugh and started the game over again. We continued playing for 2 hours. We decided to go to sleep. That trip was so much fun, family is so important to me.

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