Condensed into a year

June 3, 2010
The keen essence of life is surrounded by mystery, and dignity. It’s crazy and unplanned, but there’s no way to stop it, or fight it. It is what it is and that’s all. But, we all try to compel our emotions into the palm of our hand spinning a web of curiosity to the fact of life, its profound rescue or its fatal impact to us and the strangers who walk among us. Is this fair or just destiny? Well it’s neither it’s a stairway to a realistic reality were all things come true because everything is possible for the heart, Good or bad. But it’s our fault whether or not we raise our hands and walk to battle or give up our wars with drowning out our sorrows. You see Life is constant to the day we are in the grave. It doesn’t quit or give up, but we do. We give up all the time we let ourselves loose and win the battle at the same time. There’s no good or bad to our minds but there’s possibility and failure. Now you choose your side and it’s highly recommended that you choose the side that’s going to win. These people who have lost there wars usually go for the side that’s going to loose, already knowing this but oblivious to the fact of what the future will hold. There is no future to there past, and there is no past to the future. And it’s hard and its ridiculous about how complicated this is and how well never finds out the true meaning and the actual function of life. It’s like playing a game without knowing all the rules. We only get taught the modest ones by our peers, family, and friends. Are we supposed to teach ourselves the rest? Teach ourselves a game that we don’t know how is this so? We are the ones that pick the world to let us down though, so we study and learn and try to digest all this information that is constantly being thrown at us unknowingly sometimes we consume it, and we use this to find out how not only to live, but thrive as a functional person on this ground. And maybe try to make this mystery not so mysterious.

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