June 3, 2010
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One day at school, my friends and I were sitting at our usual table. I was rambling on to my best friends Amberly and Alex about a guy I was completely in love with. I guess you could say that I was head over heels for someone that didn’t even know me. As I talked and talked, I could see that Amberly was getting annoyed. Alex, on the other hand was so funny, because all she did was sit back and laugh at everything I was saying.

Apparently, without my knowledge, one of my guy friends decided to go to my obsession and actually tell him that I liked him. All of a sudden, another friend, Kenny ran over to Amberly, Alex and me and broke up our conversation.


I looked up at Kenny and yelled back, “What?”

“Your friend just told ‘the guy’ that you liked him,” barked-out Kenny.

“What?” I screamed. I felt so much anger and embarrassment.

“Are you kidding me?” wailed Amberly, defending me.

“Yeah, can you believe that?” I sat there in disbelief. Alex’s jaw meanwhile had dropped open in shock.

At that moment, I shot up out of my seat and ran to the bathroom--so embarrassed and so afraid of what he would say to me or, worse, about me. All my friends were shocked that my friend actually told my secret. They all knew how I felt about him!

Eventually, I came out of the bathroom and made my way back to our table. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, everyone started piling on me like an avalanche, asking all sorts of stupid questions:

“Are you going to go out with him?”

“Do you want to kiss him?”

“Do you really like him?”

I looked over at my crush and the same was happening to him. The second time, I looked over at him; his friends were pushing him towards me. All of a sudden, as if it were a conspiracy, my friends were pushing me towards him as well. Honestly, I didn’t mind because, I liked him so much, but I could see he did mind. As soon as we saw each other, I blushed, and, well, he ran.

Everyone could see that he had just turned me down, and for no other reason than just what happened. I swear that I will never get so worked up over a guy ever again!!!

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I love JB said...
Dec. 12, 2010 at 8:51 pm

why dont you ask him out, or ask one of his bf if he feels the same way about you or ask him. why hide when you guys can become girl friend and boy friend take my avice or you will be sorry and will never find out what he really thinks about him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JBJUSTFINE replied...
Dec. 30, 2010 at 6:58 pm
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