My Father

June 3, 2010
By Redheadkid BRONZE, Menifee, California
Redheadkid BRONZE, Menifee, California
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That morning, my mom had woken me up early. “Okay, are you ready to go?”
“Yeah” I replied.
“Well, hurry up! I have someone for you to meet.”

“Who?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” After that, we walked towards the car.

“Mom, can we please take the blue car?” I loved the blue car; it reminded me of the color of the beach. “Seriously, Mom, who are we going to meet?”
“I told you it’s a surprise.” We began driving toward our unknown destination. After what seemed like hours, I began to become impatient.
“Are we there yet?” I exclaimed.
“Be patient.”
Finally after two hours of driving, we had pulled up to an old looking I-HOP. After we arrived, my mom made a call on here cell phone. After her call, she looked over to me and said, “We’re going to be eating lunch here, okay?” After finishing our lunch, of what was mainly breakfast food, my mom announced, “Okay, he’s here.”

“Who’s here?”

“Me, your dad,” the man said standing at our table. I looked up to see a man who had very little hair and who was not to tall but he was wearing shorts and I was speechless I had never met my father before this moment in time.
“Hi” I had got up and gave my dad a big hug. A little while passed then we started to drive to Disneyland. It was awesome, Disneyland was huge it was like its own country It had a huge gate at the front entrance it looked like a really big castle. “Hurry up” I cried at my mom and dad. As we started running to the lines so that we could buy our tickets. After waiting in line for a long time we got our tickets and were aloud to get into the park so that we could have a day of fun. We were running as fast as we could trying to get to the first ride because the lines we going to get really long really fast.

“Come on” “Let’s go” I said.
I couldn’t control my excitement that I had inside of me. After finishing the first ride we walked to all of the rest of the rides because we had just ate some food. We all had agreed to get on the log ride next so that we could hurry and get on my favorite ride. Also it always had the longest lines in the whole park so we wanted to hurry and get that one over with.
“Finally” I sighed out loud. All of a sudden it was our turn to get on the log ride after waiting for what seemed to be hours.

But after we were done on that ride Dad announced “I have to go” even though he had promised the whole day we wear only staying till like 5 0clock but even though I didn’t get to see him very long it was all worth it to me.

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