June 3, 2010
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Everyone take out a half sheet of paper its time for your quiz. Shit, I thought to myself I didn’t read last night and have no idea what the book is about. We were reading the Great Gatsby and I didn’t like it much so I didn’t read it but I knew I had to get good grades on the quizzes because they were worth five points and they all add up quick. So as I was getting out the paper and a pencil I asked Josh if he had read and what had happened. So he went into it telling me that daisy came over to Gatsby’s and saw his new house and all his clothes and she started to cry because she loved him but he was poor. I didn’t really care I just needed the five points. So as Mr. Lessing was about to tell us the questions we had to answer from the reading I looked at Josh and said “Aye you got me on these’s,” He laughed and just said yea I got you. There were three questions that he said and after each one Josh would look over at me and whisper me the answer. So after the third time I got them all done and then turned it in. I knew Josh was a smart kid (Aside from his dumbass comments he makes) so I thought he would be smart enough to change up the answers and not tell me them word for word like he wrote down. Well Josh did tell me them word for word to when Mr. Soffer called me over and I saw him holding Josh’s test and holding mine I knew I was screwed. He said, “Will look at these two test isn’t it funny there word for word?” Goddamit, I thought to myself and I knew there was no talking my way out of this one (because Mr. Soffer is a smart guy and would know that I was lying). So then he told me he was calling my coach and my mom and I wasn’t worried about my coach because all I would do is run and that easy but my mom is a different story and when I cheat she’s goes nuts and then gets supper pissed at me and takes away my car. I did learn a lesson though from this, it’s not cheating the system it’s only cheating yourself because at the end of the day it’s only your knowledge you’re taking away from. I also learned that cheaters never prosper and move ahead, it’s like Barry Bonds they always love you till you get caught!

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