The Big Dinner

June 2, 2010
By Anonymous

During Spring Break 2010, I took a trip to Singapore. There was going to e a reunion dinner at a rich restaurant. The dinner had 25 guests, my cousins, uncles, aunts and others. Inside the restaurant, there were rooms reserved for people. Inside the room where we had the dinner, it was very big with two large tables. When everyone arrived, the waitresses served wine and other drinks. There was a menu which planned out everything that we were going to eat for the day. The appitizers were delicious and so were the main courses. My dad gave me some of the red wine that was served and some of the brandy that was brought in that was worth 3000 euros. They were both good and thankfully didn't knock me out. The adults were just talking about stocks and the economy. My cousins and I were sharing riddles and jokes. After the dinner I was tired and was about to fall into a long sleep. I hope it wasn't the alchohol that made me so tired. Anyways, it was a great expierience to try the wine and brandy and to see all of my family members together.

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