My Favorite Christmas

June 1, 2010
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It was the smell of candy canes, the smell of Christmas tree, and the smell of tamales. It was Christmas morning and I was the first one up. I decided to have some hot chocolate sliding down my throat. While drinking my hot chocolate my dad woke up. We decided to play Candyland. Every one else began to wake up as well. “Who wants to play tag?” Jacob my cousin asks. Everyone else ran out side in a flash. We had such good time out side the hours seemed to drift by.
Later on that day we ate lunch we had tamales and beans and rice. After we were done eating we had to watch TV. We watched Aladin and Pocahontas. We had to because our parents said we were too much trouble and we were just running all over the place around every where.
After a while we were allowed back outside, so we started to play hide and go seek. We had a lot of room because our property was about four acres. I remember how much of my childhood as kid was there and how much fun I had as a kid in that house. I remember that Christmas so clearly.
It was on that Christmas day, while were all playing outside, there were city workers outside on the telephone lines and I started to throw rocks at them because I swore up and down that they were talking about me, but when I was little I was kind of crazy, but really I thought they were talking about me but they weren’t.
Now it was time to open presents. I knew something real good was coming because I was the only girl at the time. I opened most of my presents, nothing interesting yet I thought.
Finally at that moment my mom spoke up, “Delena, you still have one more.”
I ran and opened this big box almost as big as me and it was a karaoke. Oh I was so happy. Now my mother regrets getting me that karaoke because still to this day, everyday I play karaoke and she gets annoyed a little bit, but it came in handy because now my focus is to become a professional singer.
Looking back to that Christmas, it makes me happy because not only was it our last Christmas in our house. It was a memory for all of my cousins and I to remember and talk about till this day and what got me going on some of the hobbies I do now.

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