an egg can get you in trouble

June 1, 2010
By Marco Navarro BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
Marco Navarro BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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Who in here hasn’t done anything stupid in their life - something that, after you think about it, you feel dumb and wish you hadn’t done it? Well, let me tell you what happened to me during the spring break of 2009. I still remember the date: it was Friday, March 27, and I was with a couple of friend in my house playing FIFA on the PS3, waiting for a friend because we were going to a party. When, suddenly, my best friend had this idea that sounded fun at first to everyone. His idea was to throw eggs at random people in the street. At first I was like, “Ohh come on, let’s just wait for this guy to come and then leave for the party,” and right after I said that everyone was like, “Come on don’t be such a pu.. it’s just going to take us a couple of minutes, plus the party doesn’t start until 10pm. Come on, let’s do it.” I thought about it and finally said, “Let’s do it.” So I went upstairs for my car keys and some money to buy the eggs. As soon as everybody was getting inside the car, my mom stopped us and told me that I couldn’t leave with the car because she needed to pick up my uncles from the airport. When we got out of the car, one of my friends was like, “Don’t worry. Let’s go in my car.” – it was parked outside of my house. Then, we went to the supermarket and bought 24 eggs. I was kind of nervous, but at the same time I was having a fun time. Right after we left the supermarket, I got a call from the friend, who was supposed to go to my house, telling me that he was leaving in his car and that he would meet us at the party. I told my other friend and they were like, “Yeahhh more time to throw eggs.” Our first victims were funny because, even if it sounds stupid and mean, seeing their reactions were hilarious. So we finished throwing the 24 eggs, and I was like, “Ok, that’s enough. Let’s go to my house to pick up my car and go to the party,” when suddenly one of them was like “No, man, let’s just buy 5 more eggs and, besides, it’s only 9:15.” The worst was about to come with only two eggs left. We were driving and I saw one guy talking on the phone so everybody was like “That guy, that guy!” So I threw the egg and we started to laugh,. My friend that was driving made the most stupid mistake ever - he stopped the car from like 10 meters away from the guy who I threw the egg at. My friend wanted to hit a guy who was walking in front of a McDonald’s when suddenly a black Ford car stopped next to us and the guy driving the car told us from his window, “You son of a bi.. get the fu.. out the car. I’m going to beat the shi.. out of you.” As soon as we all heard that, our skin went pale and I realized it was the guy who I hit that was talking on the phone. So my friend accelerated really fast and started driving away from that guy. He pursued us all around Cancun for about 20 minutes and it was horrible - we were driving really fast and couldn’t lose the guy.
When I called the security guy from my house and told him what was going on, he told me to get back to the house to be safety. On the way back to my house we almost crashed and also almost made the other guy crash. We got to my house and everybody left the car and ran into my house. Meanwhile, this guy got out of his car and started following us. As soon as he saw all of us getting into my house, he ran all the way to my house and start punching the windows. He was like, “Get fu.. out. I want to see you throwing an egg again to me. Come on you little bi…”.So the security guy kicked him out of the house by telling him that he was damaging private property and asked him if he could please leave. Two minutes later he left and we all got out of the house and saw all the neighbors, my mom, and my uncles outside, and everyone was like, “What the hell just happened?” The security guy told everyone that a crazy guy was just chasing us. Of course he was hiding the truth. One of the neighbors called the police, when suddenly the guy came back with another friend who was like 6’ 6” tall and very strong, and he wanted to really beat the shi.. out of us. We all, again, ran back to the house and they didn’t let us out.
The police ask the security guy what was going on, and the guy answered that we threw an egg at him and that he wanted to beat us. Things were getting complicated and the police took the two guys and one of my friend’s dad, who happens to be my neighbor, to declare the case in the police station.
After two hours the neighbor came back and told us that nothing really happened, but that we had hit a guy who happens to be involved with the Cuban mafia in Cancun. As soon as I heard that I almost crapped my pants and I realized that we were really lucky because that guy just could have gotten a gun and killed us…or something worse. We all, off course, were grounded and our parents were really angry.

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