how i broke my ankel

May 24, 2010
One day my family and I were going to a Christmas party. The party was in a lodge up a nearby canyon. While we were driving we were talking about how much fun it was going to be, but fun only goes so far.

My friends, Katy, Austin, Sam, Zach and I went straight to the sledding hill. We went down a couple times then went into the lodge for dinner. After dinner we headed back up for another run down the tubing hill. After we went down again Austin started to yell at me.

“Parker,” Austin yelled. “You don’t stand up halfway down the hill and try to jump off and do a front flip into the snow.”

“It’s not my fault, I made us crash.” I joked.

“I thought it was funny when Sam came down and hit you,” laughed Katy.

“Ok, let’s go back up,” I yelled.

We started to walk up the side of the tubing hill. We heard someone yell, “Watch out.” All of a sudden a killer tube bounced off the side of the hill. Austin and Katy dodged the tube but Zach and I were eaten by the murderous tube. It smacked right into us. Zach went down screaming in pain. After I got hit I tried to stand up but I was dizzy and in pain. My dad came quickly to where we were and I told him I couldn’t move my leg. I was really confused and dizzy from the hit.

Dad helped me walk back to our car and we went home to go get x-rays. I found out I had a broken ankle and Zach hurt his back but it wasn’t broken, only bruised. I spent the next six weeks in a walking boot, for the rest of the winter season I wasn’t able to go snowboarding or play indoor soccer.

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