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May 24, 2010
By willie SILVER, Ventnor, New Jersey
willie SILVER, Ventnor, New Jersey
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Beeeeeeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeeeeep, my alarm clock went off, and as I open my eyes; I was in my room the color was white; my plasma TV in the wall of my; my window Curtin closed; as I got of the bed I went to open it. Then I went to take a nice worm shower to start of my day. I got my clothing; I was wearing Echo clothing. I wore blue jeans, and a artistic shirt it was the most expensive shirt that I bought, and it was the awesome shirt in the outlet but nothing was written or drawn on the shirt that made it bad which the school doesn’t approve of I went down stairs there was the living room with my parent’s 52 inch plasma with surrounds sounds, and my play station 3 with blue ray which makes the movies way better; but I don’t used as much since I have to do my work. As I was standing there admiring at I went to the kitchen to suver my self some corn flakes, and 2% milk I sat down at the table eating the ceral after 5 min it was 7:50 am which I had enough time to go to the best school for learning, and the best teachers they had to offer which it is Mr. Kane, Mr. Burns, Mr.Gaydos, Mrs. Peitzman and Mrs. Mousesaw that’s the best teachers in 8th grade witch they are in the school and they are going to make me be success in my life and other student that wont to be success in there future. Our school isn’t big but really wide our school is one stories tall we have pre- k thought 8th grade which it is pretty awesome fitting all those smart kids in that school. Also the school as the best gym teachers and they are Mrs.Scotie and Mr.G they are the gym teachers for 8th grade gym. Mrs.Scotie teaches me discus which she really good at she tries to teach about spinning and turning and more which it is pretty awesome. Mr.G is really good at soccer and his son Jeff. Jeff is like the best at sport; but some times he can be a show of but that’s how he can show use how it’s done perfectly but he’s is the best replacement foe a gym teacher. These are the teacher that helps me in my life to pass the grade and make me successful in my life and make the future better for my school and others school.

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i wrote this artical in my class room

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