Taken Away

June 1, 2010
By Anonymous

“Sex is a personal choice,” I remember my 8th grade science teacher telling the class. The boys giggled when she said sex. The words rang in my head, I knew they were true. It was supposed to be romantic; something I did out of love, but nothing ever seemed to work out like that for me. I intended on waiting for that special person. Sadly fate seemed to have another plan for me.

I was the youngest person in my freshman class, only thirteen years old. I was new, and had made one friend who was fifteen. Whitney had seemed so nice at the time, and after a while we became really close friends. We went to the mall, movies, and other popular hangouts for the high school kids. She had introduced me to her neighbor Chris. However, I cant really put it like that because I had never met him, we just started texting one day. I didn’t take the time to ask how old he was while texting, and now I realize the age difference was the main issue. One day Whitney got this great idea. I was going to sleep over at her house, and we were going to sneak out. She called Chris and had him invite Tony; her EX; over too. I was so excited; it was my first time ever doing anything like sneaking out.

After her parents fell asleep we went out the back window and walked down the street to his house. The helped us into his bedroom window, careful not to wake his grandparents. At first we just talked and watched some TV, then everyone wanted a drink. I had never had any type of alcohol before, and I didn’t want to be left out of the group. Chris and Tony left the room and came back with four drinks in hand. The taste was to much for me, it burned my nose and throat, so I set it down for a minute. At that point I felt a little buzz, but nothing serious. When I picked the drink up a couple minutes later and downed the rest of it, that’s when the problems began.

I didn’t notice Chris slip me the drug that rendered me defenseless. In my mind I had wished he had used a drug that would knocked me out completely. I was completely awake and aware but I was too weak to push him away. He took off my clothes and threw them on the floor next to the bed. Whitney and Tony were already going at it on the couch near the window. The pain was unbearable and I could hear his grunts as he pushed his way inside me. I wanted to scream but nothing came out. I felt something rip inside me and the pain became greater. All I could think at the time was “Why is God letting this happen to me, I’m a good person.” I felt disgusting as his hands touched my body underneath his. I didn’t understand why Whitney wouldn’t come help me, I could see her and she was fine.

I thought I had endured enough when Chris was done and moved over. Apparently I was mistaken. Tony walked over to the bed and took over my numb body as well. He kissed me all over, leaving bruises the size of baseballs on me. I will never forget the words they whispered in my ears when they were finished. They had each in their own words whispered ‘I’m so glad we did this’ and ‘we should do this again.’ I couldn’t remember how I got back to Whitney’s house, but I woke up on the couch. After throwing up a few times, I franticly called my mother. Again I was embarrassed when I told the story and had to be examined by countless strangers.
Seventeen and sixteen were the ages of the boys that took away my innocence. An age difference to great. Justice only came for Chris, Tony walked away with nothing. My choice was taken from me. One day I hope that we can live in a world where everyone gets to choose who they want and when they are ready.

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