The Mania

June 1, 2010
By illuminatedark BRONZE, Morris, Illinois
illuminatedark BRONZE, Morris, Illinois
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With downcast eyes, I leaned against the wall and watched the ground below me swim, ebbing and flowing in this seemingly perpetual state of fluctuation. A smile tugged at the corner of my lips, as if I was but a ventriloquist’s dummy, no effort or thought, just action. I felt more than heard one of Them call my name and lazily allowed my eyes to drift upwards to find the source. He was beside me, then, his glazed eyes mirroring my look of empty happiness as we smiled simultaneously. This moment, this night that seemed to stretch on for forever, this was what we were meant for, nothing more but to be in each other’s company. We were all broken, but the fragments belong together. We formed one solid, unbreakable barrier between our souls and the rests of the heartless world that had left us in this state to begin with. I broke eye contact first and stared blankly upwards, my eyes, nearly obsidian in the lack of light, no doubt mirrored the countless stars in the sky I could not focus upon above me. I laughed, then, possibly half-crazed with the sense of euphoria that had overpowered my senses. I stumbled and threw open the door, the footsteps behind me barely registering. Pushing my way through miscellaneous objects one might find in a stereotypical garage, I sat in the center of what must be the most extraordinary group of people I would ever meet, and simply grinned as time and space contorted. The air was tangible, convulsing, as the edges of my vision frayed, giving me glimpses of all I’ve been missing, and while I absorbed all this, a tiny voice in the back of my head whispered, “You’re finally home. This is your family now.”

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